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Archival Cloth-Covered Clamshell Boxes

Archival clamshell cases are entirely hand-made, using our own Lig-Free binders board set in a double wall, step joint design. This is much more difficult and labor intensive than the construction techniques used on most cases, but it results in a significantly stronger case. External surfaces are covered with an imported archival cloth, and the interior is lined in MicroChamber paper to ensure the safest housing possible for your valuable collection. Standard cases are 2in. deep. Special order cases are available to house specific collections.


#84 Cloth Clamshell box72dpi



Item #




Solandar case for 8 x 10



Solandar case for 11 x 14



Solandar case for 16 x 20



Solandar case for 20 x 24