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Araldite 2020

Araldite 2020 was specifically designed for glass bonding, though it may also be used to bond metal, ceramics, rubber, and rigid plastics. It has a refractive index similar to that of glass. It is suitable for clear castings and laminates. Araldite 2020 is a low- viscosity, two- component system which cures at room temperature. A good de-greasing agent such as Leksol or acetone should be used prior to application to remove all traces of grease, grime, or dirt. Mix Araldite 2020 by weight (100 parts of Part A to 30 parts of Part B) or by volume (100:35) and blend until they form a homogenous mix before applying to the clean, dry surface. Assemble promptly, clamp, and apply constant and even pressure for best results.

Araldite 2020


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Araldite 2020, 500 gram kit