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Chinaglaze Low-Temperature Clear Glaze

This low temperature glaze is perfectly clear, non-yellowing and has low odour during firing. which is generally done at 80C (176F) for just 30 minutes, to give an excellent hard gloss finish with high strength surface adhesion.To achieve a matte finish, simply mix Sylmasta Matting Agent S532 with the Chinaglaze to achieve desired finish. Mix quantities should be 70g~80g of Matting Agent per litre of Chinaglaze. To hand brush, we recommend the using a high quality P51 Glazing Brush, made with the fine, soft white goat hair. Low Temperature Chinaglaze can be mixed with oil colours or powder pigments. Using powder pigments instead of oils will retain the high strength characteristics of the glaze. Use HP733 Thinners for air brushing and brush cleaning. For professional use only.



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Chinaglaze Low-Temperature Clear Glaze, 1 Liter