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Larapol A81

Larapol A81 is an aldehyde resin, soluble in mixtures of white spirits and alcohol though insoluble in water. It is a useful, simple, and reversible means of retouching paintings and works particularly well in combination with resins such as Regalrez 1090 when used as a varnish. By raising the proportion of alcohol, you will get a crisper retouching and a shorter working time. By raising the proportion of white spirits, a longer working time is available. A more matte finish may be achieved by adding microcrystalline wax in a suitable solvent. It is readily reversible. Larapol A81 is a light yellow in color, has a melting point of 80-95 C, a density of 1.1g/cm3 at 20 C, and a bulk density of 600- 700 kg/m3.



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Larapol A81, 1 kilo