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Rustins Burnishing Cream

This polishing compound can be used with other Rustinís kits, or on a variety of surfaces including plastics and metals (particularly chrome). It is the burnishing cream sold in the plastic coating kits, and has been requested as a separate item by many people. Simply shake the bottle well, apply burnishing cream with a soft, damp pad, and commence polishing using firm pressure. Apply additional cream as needed and decrease pressure as you near the end of your task. Finish the job with a quick buffing with a clean, soft cloth (such as our flannel polishing cloths). It may be applied by hand using a soft cloth or with an electric buffer, though in the latter case it may be advisable to add a bit of water to prevent the paste from drying too quickly.





Item #




Rustins Burnishing Cream, 63 ml.



Rustins Burnishing Cream, 250 ml.