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Liquitex Modeling Paste

This modeling paste is composed of marble dust in 100% polymer emulsion. It was reviewed in the JAIC, volume 37, number 1, and was found to be the hardest, least plastic, and most easily worked with when dry. It dries to the hardness of stone, and can be carved or sanded once it is thoroughly dry. Removal of the lid of the jar to allow some of the moisture to evaporate will render the paste clay-like in consistency, which may be of assistance in certain projects. This product adheres readily to absorbent, non-oily surfaces, but bonding to smooth surfaces may prove more difficult. Shrinkage is about 20% upon drying; a covering of plastic wrap may slow the time it takes to dry, assisting in preventing mud cracks. Apply in layers less than 1/4 in. thick, and allow to dry thoroughly between layers.


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Modeling Paste, 8 oz.



Modeling Paste, 16 oz.



Modeling Paste, 8 oz.