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Gasil 23 Matting Agent (Fumed Silica)


Gasil 23 is a fine, white, free-flowing micronised silica gel with an average particle size of less than 3 microns. It is generally used in concentrations of 0.05% to 5% by weight with matte lacquers and glazes. We recommend using a high speed mixer for dispersion. Gasil 23 can be incorporated as a thickening agent in a wide range of products including epoxy resin systems and silicone rubber. Gasil 23 may be used to give more of a matte finish to glazes.

Gasil 23 Matting Agent (Fumed Silica)


Item #




Gasil 23 matting agent, 100 grams



Gasil 23 matting agent, 500 grams