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Rustins Plastic Coating


This product is a cold- finish product with a high solids content resulting in a high build-up per coat. Apply it to a range of objects including wooden, cork, or plastic objects, but do not use Rustins Clear Glaze with either painted objects or metal objects. It offers extremely good adhesion to the surface, and you may choose to use a brush, roller, or spray gun for application. The dried coating will be extremely tough, and heat- and solvent-resistant, reaching maximum resistance after 5-7 days. Once dry, this coating cannot be dissolved (bear this in mind and rinse brushes quickly and thoroughly in the special thinner provided!) The finish will take on a smooth, highly polished appearance if left to harden thoroughly for 24 hours, and rubbed with a very fine paper. A satin finish can be achieved by applying two coats of glaze and polishing with a 000 or 00 steel wool when fully dry, a matte finish by using a 0 or 1 steel wool. We offer Rustins as a kit, which contains 250 ml. lacquer, 63 ml. hardener, 135 ml. thinner, a small tin of burnishing paste, and instructions.



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Rustins clear glaze kit