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Epo-Tek Epoxies 301 and 301-2

Epo-Tek epoxies are two-part, optically transparent epoxy systems with very low viscosity (comparable to water) which allows them to penetrate deeply and to be infused in small crevices or cracks. They have demonstrated excellent resistance to yellowing, and when fully cured, provide extremely hard bond strength. They may be cured with or without heat, and are ideal for bonding glass, ceramics, quartz, metals and most plastics. Epo-Tek 301-2, in addition, has been used in conservation with wooden objects where it is impregnated to restore strength and to bind the wood fibers together. In Studies in Conservation (Vol. 31, 1986) Epo-Tek 301 placed among the five formulations found to be most durable under high as well as low light conditions. Users refer to the products ease of use and to the fact that it cures fully within 24 hours, although the cure times are the main differences in the two products. Epo-Tek 301 has a shorter cure time, setting in an hour or two at 65 C and overnight at room temperature. The 301-2 takes longer to cure, setting in two to three hours at 80 C and in about two days at room temperature. Both are suitable alternatives to Abelbond, which has been discontinued, as well as to Hxtal NYL-1.

Epo-Tek 301 and Epo-Tek 301-2 are sold separately and are supplied as two-part, 8-ounce kits.






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Epo-Tek 301



Epo-Tek 301-2

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