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Araldite Resin AY103

Used with the HY956 Hardener, Araldite AY103 Resin is an epoxy resin which is virtually clear. It has been tried and tested by many restorers and modellers as an adhesive and casting resin. As a casting resin it can be poured into moulds for replacing of hands, small heads, handles and making figures. Fine Powder pigments can be added to tint the resin. Used as an adhesive, it can be used for the bonding of fine china. The resin and hardener mixed by weight is: 100 parts resin to 16-18 parts hardener and by volume the mix is 100parts resin to 18-20 parts hardener. The uncured resin is soluble in acetone. Cures at room temperature.




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Araldite Resin AY103, 250 grams