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Carosil Tarnish and Rust Inhibitor Capsules

For use in display cases and storage enclosures housing metal objects, these tarnish and rust inhibitor capsules each protect a
33.4 cubic foot volume (two-foot radius) and have an effective life of about a year. These capsules consist of a vaporizing substance containing mixtures of organic ammonium nitrates of varying vapor pressures, chemical systems for neutralizing lead acids, and volatile concentrations of anti-oxidants. The compounds they emit are meant for metal objects exclusively. These cartridges should not be used with soft stone settings or with photographic collections. In addition, do not use them in close proximity to valuable paper documents or books. The “no-tarnish” capsule is designed to protect jewelry, silverware, gold, brass, copper and coins from tarnish. For metal objects such as steel, iron, brass, copper, aluminum, and nickel, use the “no-rust” cartridge to form a corrosion and rust- resistant barrier on these metal objects.



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Tarnish inhibitor capsules, 54 x 32 x 23 mm




Rust inhibitor capsules