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Book Support Cushions and Covers

These cushions are among several products found in this catalog which have won Society of Archivists Archival Aids awards in the United Kingdom. Book support cushions are made of super-fine felt and contain polystyrene granules proportioned to provide just the right amount of support for books, seals, or other ephemeral material on display. They are made in a neutral cream color for maximum visual appeal and minimum visual distraction. While the cushions may certainly be used alone, and often are, we have made available covers which fit like pillow cases to extend the life of the cushions. They are made of heavy drill cotton, in the same shade as the cushions they hold. These covers are machine washable in cool water, but do not tumble dry. Special sizes can be made to order with a minimum quantity of five.



Item #




8 x 8 in. cushion



Small cushion cover



12 x 16 in. cushion



Medium cushion cover



20 x 24 in. cushion



Large cushion cover