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Historic Home Brushes


These brushes were designed and developed by conservators for use by the people charged with the maintenance of Englandís historic homes. There are four distinct brushes, each specifically designed for a particular task. The plate brushes feature one- inch long horse hair bristles and were developed for cleaning silver plates and platters. Two versions are available, each 10-1/4 in. long. One has a straight wooden handle while the other has a handle which is slightly curved. Grate brushes have strong bristles and were, as the name suggests, designed for cleaning cast iron grates as well as traditional cooking ranges. They have a handle on top for a secure grip and bristles beneath. The Radiator brush features a long, spindle-like handle with 11 in. of pure black bristles all around it (much like a giant version of a modern baby-bottle brush) and may be used to clean in, around, and behind radiators.



Item #




Plate brush with flat handle



Plate brush with curved handle



Grate brush



Radiator brush