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Micromesh Sanding Stick System
This 1/4 x 6 in. hand held, pen shaped plastic tool is specifically designed for the polishing of awkward areas using Micromesh belts. Micromesh is used for, among other things, sanding difficult-to-access areas such as beneath the strings of musical instruments undergoing restoration, by ceramic conservators, and by some bookbinders for rubbing down boards during restoration before recovering. Micromesh belts supplied in packages of ten 1/4 x 13 in. belts.
MM Grade abrasive colors range from light to dark grey: for finishing plastics, acrylics, polycarbonates, bakelite, soft woods cultured marble, coatings and more. Select from the following: MM-1500, MM-1800, MM-2400, MM-3200, MM-3600, MM-4000, MM-6000, MM-8000, MM-12000

MX Grade abrasive colors range from light gray to black: for metals such as bronze and other hard surfaces. Even bookbinders have found uses for files in these grades when infilling. This grade will generally last 10 times longer than standard abrasives. Select from the following: 60MX, 80MX, 100MX, 120MX, 150MX, 180MX, 240MX, 320MX, 360MX, 400MX, 600MX, 800MX, 1200MX.















Item #




Sanding Stick Tool



Package of three belts, one of each (2400, 3600, 6000 MM grade)



Package of ten sanding belts of one grade (specify grade from above)