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Bookkeeper Deacidification Spray

Use this magnesium-oxide buffering spray on acidic books or papers to neutralize them. It neither contains atmosphere damaging CFCs nor Freon. It is non-toxic and non-flammable. It is virtually odorless and very quick drying when used correctly. Bookkeeper, unlike some other deacidification sprays, does not clog. While it generally will not discolor paper, newsprint, ink, adhesive, or binding materials, you should always be sure to test a small area before all-over use. Regular users, please note that several years ago this popular product line underwent some changes. The 900 gram trigger spray bottles no longer exist. They have been replaced by 150 gram pump spray bottles, and 900 gram bottles will not have a spray attachment; they will simply be refill bottles for the 150 gram bottles. You may choose to hold onto your old spray attachment and replace the standard cap on the 900 gram bottles if you like to use the larger bottles. Coverage approximations are as follow: the 150 gram bottle will treat roughly 16.5 square feet of paper and the 900 gram refills treat 100 square feet. Bookkeeper is sold by weight, not volume.




Item #       


1 can



900 gram refill bottles   




150 gram pump spray