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Rotronic A1 Hygromer Kit

This unit is both an extraordinarily accurate and a highly advanced thermohygrometer which provides precise temperature and relative humidity measurements in a wide range of applications. An integrated 10-1/2in. sensor locks into place. It provides rapid response, and the large liquid crystal display has a hold feature. This compact, hand held unit operates with a 9-volt battery, measures approximately 7-1/2 x 2-1/2 x 1 in. and comes in its own carrying case. It comes complete with an easy recalibration kit, pre-mixed chemicals in glass ampules, and an instruction booklet. At 25 C, its response time is <10 seconds. It measures temperature from -20 to 60 C and is accurate to +/- 3 C. The RH is measured between 0 and 100%, with accuracy of +/- 2%.



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Rotronic hygromer