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Laser Thermometer   

The very latest technology provides conservators and others responsible for collections with a portable, easy-to-use, no-contact thermometer. This item is ideal for measuring the temperature of items which are out-of-reach or on display. It can measure items within a glass exhibit case to within one degree. A coaxial laser marker pinpoints the center of the measuring area, which can be as near as 30mm or as far away as 3 meters. (Note: at 500mm, the object size must exceed 20mm, whereas at 3 meters the object size must exceed 100mm). The measuring range is 20 to 400 C. Features include auto back light on/off display and a response time of 1-1/2 seconds. The field of view is 30 - 1000mm. The accuracy is the greater of +/- 1% of the reading or +/- 2 C.


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Infrared thermometer