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Orange Non-Hazardous Self-Indicating Silica Gel

This inert substance is an effective means of reducing the humidity in the air surrounding sensitive artifacts. Silica gel will absorb up to 40% of its own weight in water. Five grams of silica will treat approximately one cubic foot of display area. Please note: We carry this orange self-indicating silica gel in lieu of the common blue silica gel, which contains cobalt chloride and has been declared a possible carcinogen by the European Commissioners. Users of the traditional blue version are strongly cautioned regarding its possible carcinogenic effects. Select either 10 gram sachets in packages of 10, purchase loose by the pound or choose pre-packaged canisters measuring 4 x 2 x containing 40 grams of orange non-hazardous self-indicating silica gel.



Item #





10 gram sachets, pkg. of 10

  $9.50 pkg.



1 pound tub




Metal desiccant container, 40 gr., 4 x 2 x