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Protimeter Surveymaster


This lightweight, compact, dual-function moisture meter combines the proven two-pin inspection (measure) method with a new non-invasive (search) radio frequency technique. The result is a new moisture meter for rapid and thorough inspection of buildings for dampness at and below the surface. Conservators and record managers will find the non-invasive measuring technique particularly useful when processing new acquisitions coming into the repository as well as while handling material undergoing conservation treatments. Of all the materials found in buildings, wood is one for which a percentage of moisture content measurement is particularly meaningful. It is generally accepted that wood rots when its moisture content exceeds 20% and that it is safe below this level. Protimeter moisture meters have a scale for wood, and in materials other than wood they will give readings of wood-moisture equivalent (WME). Any reading above 20% (red zone) in any building indicates a hazardous condition which bears further investigation. A yellow zone reading indicates a borderline situation; a green zone reading indicates that decay is highly improbable.




Measurement range:
MEASURE mode: 6% to above fiber saturation in wood and beyond (to nominal 100)
SEARCH mode: relative, color coded.
Resolution: MEASURE mode: LCD +/- 0.1%.
Operating Range: -10 to +45 C
Display: MEASURE mode: Three-digit LCD and synchronized green, yellow, and red LED display

SEARCH mode: Green, yellow & red LED display.
Audible alarm: SEARCH mode only-adjustable synchronized, LED display.
Unit Size: 165 x 52 x 40 mm; 200 gm

Power source: two LR6 batteries
The unit is supplied complete with a heavy duty moisture probe, two sizes of deep wall probes and a zippered carrying case. Complete instructions and guide included.


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Protimeter Surveymaster