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Made in Japan, this series of magnification tools has proven tremendously popular with conservators of paintings, paper, and tapestries. The 8 x 20mm monocular is rubber coated to protect against damage, and includes a close-up lens to increase magnification to 25x. This unit comes in a leather carrying case. The 50mm dome-shaped magnifier is ideal for use by researchers. Inexpensive and very useful, it magnifies up to 1.9x. The 2.75 x 8mm monocular comes with a finger ring and is ideal for the examination of paintings, murals, or other large items on display. An optional clamp is available to attach the unit to your glasses, with small screws in the sides to adjust the alignment.


Item #




8.0 mm x 20 mm monocular



Acrylic dome-shaped magnifier



2.75 mm x 8 mm monocular



Spectacle clamp