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Bondina Support Fabrics

This is a range of non-woven, chemically inert, 100% polyester materials designed to support fragile ephemera during conservation treatments and as lining mediums. H1010 and H3228 are heat- bonded non- woven materials which may also be sealed using polyester welding equipment. H3228 features a particularly smooth surface. H7100 is a low lint, non-woven Reemay quality which has been successfully used as a support in leaf casting and wet processes where its structure permits instant drainage.



Item #       




800 mm x 10 m (31-1/2in. x 33 feet), 100 gm.    



1000 mm x 10 m (39 in. x 33 feet), 30 gm.   



1041 mm x 25 m (41 in. X 82 feet), 71 gm.