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Polyweld Polyester Sealing Machines

Conservation Resources has designed and patented two machines specifically to seal archival grades of polyester to create housings for archival artifacts. The Polyweld B-50 is best suited to large institutions where it will be in constant use, as it requires approximately five feet of permanent space. Two people can seal separate items at the same time, as this machine offers two sealing areas with separate controls for each side. These machines have been in use in our warehouses and in large facilities world- wide for more than twenty years and have a remarkable performance record. Given the spatial considerations required to run the large B-50 machines, the smaller- scale B-20 was launched specifically for use in the conservation laboratory. Inexpensive and easily portable, it is ideally suited to desktop use. The main sealing unit is separate from the flat tray which holds the polyester while it is being sealed. Both the B-50 and the B-20 will make external seals. The B-50 has a sealing limit of approximately 51 in. of material, which certainly accommodates the majority of material found in most collections. The B-20 will seal polyester up to 22 in. in length in a given sealing cycle. In addition, its open-ended design allows seals to join together to accommodate larger items, offering the user the option of sealing extremely long polyester sheets. Both machines are readily adjustable for varying thicknesses of polyester. Both high output units are available in 110V or 220V. Maintenance is simple and rare, generally limited to replacing sealing elements in the machines. These sealing elements are available separately.



Model B-20


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Polyweld B20



Sealing element for B-20



Polyweld B-50



Sealing element for B-50