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TC Vacuum Probe
This revolutionary mini vacuum probe designed by Tom Collins won the 1986 UK Society of Archivists Archival Aids award. It was designed to aid the localized treatment of manuscripts, maps, prints, drawings and textiles. Its myriad uses include stain and adhesive removal using a minimal amount of solvent, paper filling, and leaf casting in situ. The compact probes can be used on books with the bindings intact. Improvements to the TC vacuum probe since its original introduction include a high-output (14 liters/ minute) pump and a vacuum tweezers accessory at no extra charge. The TC Vacuum Probe uses a porous glass disc mounted within a special, hand-blown glass probe. The probe pulls relatively low levels of water or spirit-based solvents through papers or textiles, and is used to remove residues from adhesives, to fill in small areas on damaged volumes, and as a mini-cleaner. This deluxe set is available in a protective padded case which holds 3/4in. and 2-1/2in. probes, translucent site mats for each probe, the vacuum tweezers kit, the glass bottles and tubes, and a non-slip mat. The pump itself does not fit in the case.



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TC vacuum probe, deluxe