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Box Boards


Box boards offered by Conservation Resources lead the world in conservation technology. We were the first to put an alkaline reserve throughout our grey/white boxboards. Shortly thereafter, we introduced the first lignin-free papers and boards, known industry-wide as Lig-free boards. In the 1980s, our Lig-free Type II boards were so revolutionary that we patented them. This board offered photographic conservators the ideal combination of a neutral pH environment for their collections, while incorporating the necessary alkaline buffers to protect them from acids. Most recently we developed a conservation paper we call MicroChamber paper, which is so technologically advanced that it literally contributes to the preservation of the archival material it houses. To date the goal of archival quality storage materials has been simply to avoid harming their contents; MicroChamber papers and boards do this, but in addition they provide extremely desirable but previously unattainable preventative conservation by removing and neutralizing harmful chemicals, both external, as airborne pollutants, and internal, as by-products of deterioration. The MicroChamber boards listed here are comprised of a combination of buffered Lig-free board for strength, thickness, and support, coupled with the same broad spectrum MicroChamber technology used in our MicroChamber General Purpose paper. The black side of the paper within the boxboard contains alkaline buffers and an especially effective activated carbon. The white side of the paper contains alkaline buffers and our modified proprietary hydrophobic, acid-resistant SPZ zeolite which we developed and engineered after extensive research to perform the specific functions necessary to protect your collections. Our SPZ zeolite removes acids, aldehydes, ammonia, pollutants such as SO2, NOx, and H2S, and despite the incorrect information seen in a competitorís catalog, it does remove oxidative gases, even in very low concentrations (see doorway and bus photos subjected to ANSI standard IT 9.15-1992 oxidative gas tests in MicroChamber test section). This zeolite was engineered to remove all of the known deteriorative molecules that threaten our collections, even those with very low polarization levels. Both the .045 and .065 boards have the same adsorptive capacity (the capacity to remove acids and other harmful molecules); the extra thickness is for structural support and strength. In the MicroChamber/Silversafe .045 and .065 solid fiber boards, the layer of tan MicroChamber paper is covered with a thin, approximately .003 in. thick layer of neutral pH, non-buffered white cotton Silversafe paper. This comprises the interior of the container. We feel that each of the four types of board offers benefits to particular collections. For your convenience, usual grain direction is shown in italics. Prices listed are per sheet, with a minimum order of 25 sheets. The underlined dimension represents the usual grain direction of the sheet.




Item #


25 (min)



Grey/white .060






33 x 49.5





33 x 55.5




Lig-free I .060



46.5 x 57.5




MicroChamber .065





46.5 x 57.5




MicroChamber/Silversafe .065





46.5 x 57.5