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MicroChamber General Purpose Black/White Paper .010 in., 110 lb., 180g/m2
The broad spectrum paper for wrapping, lining and packing. The black side of the paper contains alkaline buffers and an especially effective activated carbon. The white side of the paper contains alkaline buffers and our proprietary hydrophobic, acid-resistant SPZ zeolite. This combination offers wide ranging protection for collections, and has even been used under velvet in an exhibit case, where it provided complete protection against tarnishing of the silver on display for the entire 18 months of the exhibition. In that area, it was typical for evidence of silver tarnishing in exhibitions normally to occur within one month. This is the same broad spectrum protection found in our MicroChamber boxes. General purpose MicroChamber paper is also an excellent choice for use in collection rooms and conservation labs, for lining shelves, existing collections enclosures and housings and in exhibit cases, shipping crates, display units and drawers. It can also be used for wrapping for shipping and storage. Available in rolls of 100 feet long, 33.25 inches wide.




Item #


1 roll

5 rolls

10+ rolls


33.25 in. x 100 feet