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Polyweld Polyester Sealing Machines

Polyweld polyester sealing machines from Conservation Resources come in two sizes with different sealing capacities.


Our Model B-50 is an industrial model currently in use in large institutions and in our own factories. Its features include:
Simplicity: to make a seal, just flip a handle and push a button.
Reliability: after more than twenty years, we have seen very few problems. Both the B-50 and its smaller cousin, the B-20, consistently receive high marks for customer satisfaction.
Speed of Operation: sealing time can be as short as 3 seconds per edge for an average 3 mil envelope.
Design: the design of the B-50 allows two people to seal at one time, since sealing mechanisms are located on both sides of the machine. This can literally double output while allowing two projects to run concurrently.
Coating: the sealing surfaces are treated with a special coating to reduce static build-up in the polyester. This makes it easier to handle, reducing slippage and increasing efficiency. This coating will not harm the polyester.
Capability: The 50 in. sealing bar allows very large items to be encapsulated.

Our smaller Model B-20 Polyweld offers similar benefits to the conservator, with a few variations.
Continuous sealing capability: rather than allowing a 50 in. seal at once, this machine is limited to 21 in.; however, it is open-ended to allow multiple seals to extend as far as requirements demand simply by moving the polyester along the sealing bar.
Cost effective: ideally suited for the conservation lab, most budgets can absorb the cost, one of the primary benefits of this machine.

Lead time: the B-20 is readily available; lead time for the larger machines may be considerable as they are made to order.
Size: this small machine comes in two pieces, the sealing mechanisms in one piece and a separate tray upon which polyester being sealed is placed. Together they weigh less than 50 pounds.
Portability: the compact size of the B-20 means it can be stored on a shelf when not in use. Our Model B-50 is not portable, and will demand a large, sturdy table on a permanent basis.



Model B-20


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Polyweld machine B-50



Polyweld machine B-20



Sealing element replacement for B-50



Sealing element replacement for B-20