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Specifications for Photographic/Textile Conservation Paper


Part One


1. The paper shall be made from fully bleached alpha cellulose pulp. It shall be free of lignin, groundwood, particles of metal, waxes, plasticizers, alkaline buffers, coloring agents, reducible sulfur, oxidizing chemicals, additives and potentially harmful non-cellulose products. The surface of the paper should be smooth and free from knots, shives and abrasive particles.


2. pH range: The paper shall be in the neutral range.


3. Sizing: Alkaline sizing shall be used in place of alum-rosin sizing.


4. Alkaline reserve: The paper shall not contain calcium carbonate (CaCO3) or other alkaline buffers.


5. Sulfur content: The sulfur content shall be less than .0008% reducible sulfur as ASTMD 984-74 or TAPPI T 406, su 72.


6. Tarnishing properties: The paper shall be non-tarnishing as per accelerated tarnishing test ASTMD 2043-69 and TAPPI T 444, T 564. The paper must also pass the silver tarnish test developed by T. J. Collings and F. J. Young, London, England.



Part Two


This paper meets the same high fold (minimum 1000 double folds in the weakest direction at 1 kg.) and other strength requirements as Lig-free , Type 1 in 5 through 10, part two.


Part Three


Not applicable since no coloring should be added to this paper.